UNBELIEVABLE – Research Shows How Long You Will Live According To Your Shoe Size

This may sound strange, but scientists found out that your shoe size may show how long will you live.

In 1987, a team of orthopedic doctors in Umea, Sweden, did an unusual research and came to a very interesting data. They used computerized information because they wanted to compare people from all parts of Sweden. They involved 800 women and men in the study. They were checking on life span and the cause of death. They found out that foot length is definitely related to the life span.

This result was also proven by a new study which included more than thousand people, both men, and women. The head of recent research and a famous epidemiologist from Sweden, Dr. Hans Bjors, said that people with half sizes fell generally in the longevity ranges predicted for the next larger size. But, he added that each person can affect their lifespan combining a healthy diet and regular physical activities.

But, don’t panic! The researchers say that they have no doubt that people can live longer than their shoe size would indicate.

In both studies, the researchers compared a shoe-size table giving life expectancy ranges for women and men in each size.

Check out the table

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