WARNING! A Boy Died For This Damn Plant And It Is Urgent That Everyone Knows, Kills A Child In 1 Minute And An Adult In 15!

We can all agree that houses need something fresh and green. We would love to have a home that looks like a tropical rainforest because of the greener the better. Green color relaxes after a busy day and freshness give lively atmosphere in houses.

But we recommend you to read the following short article very carefully.

You should choose your plants very carefully as a boy died because he put a small piece of leaf in his mouth. This dangerous plant is very can be found in nearly every workplace and home. It’s really unsafe and extremely harmful because it can kill a child in just 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes. If you somehow touch this plant, don’t touch your eyes with your fingers because you can lose your eyesight for a long term. Warn your loved ones about this.

Start a chain to share this information to protect everyone from this dangerous plant that might cost you even a life.

All of it started with a 5-year-old boy called Esteban. While he was playing at home, his mother noticed that he didn’t feel good but she supposed that it was only fatigue or constipation. She began to stress when she saw that her kid started to have an unusual color on his skin and a trouble in breathing.

The mother immediately called the ambulance, and they took the boy to a hospital. They supposed that the boy was poisoned but they didn’t know what was going on exactly.

Thirty minutes later, the doctor came out of the room and he told the mother that her child has passed away and the reason for that was something he had eaten. She was in a tremor, and she had no idea what he could have ingested.

That’s why she asked for a blood test and the results showed a large dosage of a substance called calcium oxalate.

The substance can be found in a plant called Diefenbaker. This plant is well known in countries of Latin America as Amoena, which is usual thing in our houses. People who have this plant in the offices or homes, need to be very careful, especially families with children.

In case a person has suffered a poisoning Diefenbaker, the National Library of Medicine of the United States advises everybody. If someone somehow poisons himself with Diefenbaker, clean his mouth with a wet but cold piece of cloth, wash his eyes and give him milk. Don’t forget that you should consult a doctor.

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