WARNING: Baked Chips Filled With Monsanto Herbicide Linked To Hormone Disruption, Reproductive Damage and Digestive Disorders!

When Baked Lays were presented on the market for the first time, many people thought that they were a healthier alternative to Fried chips. But, these supposedly healthy snacks might in fact have slightly less calories, salt, and fat, but you don’t know that they are principally made of chemicals and salt. If you thought that they are rich in nutrients, you are wrong.

Fried chips is consisted of: potatoes, sunflower and/or canola oil and salt. When used at heat, these oils are extremely poisonous and the starch in the potatoes undergoes the high heat and creates the carcinogen, acrylamide.

What’s even worse is that the potatoes are not even fresh. They are dried, and there is no information given on how this process finished. It is very probable that the potatoes were dried at a very high heat, which means a higher exposure to acrylamide. Once the chips is dried, then they are baked at a low temperature.

As the Baked Lays and the Fried version are not organic, their components such as: potatoes, corn starch, corn oil, sugar (High Fructose Corn Syrup)and soy lecitin are very likely to come from a GMO (Genetically Modified) source.

The newest discovery shows that half of US sweet corn has in fact been planted with GMO seeds. In a lab experiment, mice that were fed with GMO corn had smaller sized babies and had fertility issues. Also rats fed with high fructose corn syrup gained 300% more fat than those fed with regular sugar or sugar from fruit. This kind of corn sugar fattens your heart with bad cholesterol, causing building up plague, which results in hypertension, heart disease and stroke. It is also very harmful to the health of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Children being disposed to HFCS on a daily basis, risk serious damage to their nervous system and irreversible brain. High fructose corn syrup is also high in Mercury levels.

Another experiment this time with hamsters showed that when fed with GMO soy, were unable to have offspring and suffered a high death rate.

So, the whole debate is not on a battle between healthy vs. unhealthy. The focus is on these toxins as opposed to those toxins. Now that you know that the starch in potatoes is exposed to carcinogens when at high heat, you should turn to apple chips or carrot sticks and forget about these dangerous, toxic chips.

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