WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Be Killing You…

Lewis Daly from Brooklyn has recently filed a lawsuit against the famous producer of oatmeal and cereals-Quaker Oats. Mr. Lewis Daly says that Quaker Oats’ products come with a carcinogenic compound glyphosate. This compound was defined as very harmful to humans last year. This is actually a class act against the company in courts in Los Angeles and New York.

According to the lawsuit, Quaker Oats’ popular product Quick 1-Minute contains a significant amount of glyphosate. This is the main reason why he is asking a complete refund and public promise that this popular company will stop adding glyphosate in their products.

The worst of all is the fact that Quaker Oats releases advertisements where they promote their products as completely natural products. This is a case of fake advertisement.

Glyphosate is a dangerous herbicide, which is usually used in the elimination of wild plants. Glyphosate is a part of special products against wild plants like Roundup and Ortho. That’s why Mr. Daly doesn’t agree that the company produces completely natural and healthy products.

In case you didn’t know, Quaker Oats is owned by Pepsi Co. They keep appealing that all of the products are planted, harvested, grown and processed in an eco-friendly way. The supervision of this company also states that there is a full cleaning process that successfully eliminates noticeable amounts of herbicide.

Unfortunately, independent tests have confirmed that Quick 1-Minute product comes with just 4 percent of the allowed level.

Source: healthandlovepage.com

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