Warning: This Popular Painkiller Leads To liver failure and death!

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that acetaminophen is extremely toxic to the liver, and can cause liver failure, liver transplant, and even death. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study which reveals that adult people who took the maximum dose of Tylenol for two weeks have had a liver damage.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know the fact that Tylenol can be toxic to the liver, even at recommended doses, and high amounts of acetaminophen can lead to liver failure and death.

More than 70,000 people who consume Tylenol, end up in hospital every year from acetaminophen poisoning. What’s even worst, another 500 people die from liver failure every year. At the moment, Tylenol is the major cause of liver failure in the U.S.

Dr. Kenneth Simpson of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland led a study which found that the risk to die that from a staggered overdose of Tylenol is higher than in the case of a single large overdose.

A lot of people may be surprised by these figures, especially those who take Tylenol and acetaminophen-containing drugs every day.

As you can see, this drug is far from the safest painkiller on the market.

Matthew Perrone wrote that the warning would make it clear that the over-the-counter drug contains acetaminophen, a pain-relieving ingredient that causes sudden liver failure. In order to prevent people who don’t read labels, a new cap was already designed.

The new labels will have the phrases “CONTAINS ACETAMINOPHEN” and “ALWAYS READ THE LABEL”. It will be set on all bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol because they contain more than 50% more acetaminophen per dose than regular Tylenol. Nevertheless, it is expected that by the next year, all bottles of Tylenol (including regular strength Tylenol) will be labeled thus.

Furthermore, cold and cough drugs which contain the pain reliever acetaminophen will be banned on the market very soon.

You should be very careful with the painkillers on the market because most of them contain acetaminophen (including Percocet and Vicodin).

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