She Went To The Doctor With Stomach Pain, But When He Saw 12,000 Of These In Her He Screamed …

A woman from Kolkota, India, named Minati Mondal (48), was suffering from stomach pain and acid reflux in a period of long 45 days.

Then, she went to the hospital and the scans showed that she had gallstones. During the laparoscopic surgery, doctors couldn’t believe what they saw. They found 12, 000 stones inside. This was proclaimed as the new world record and the samples are kept in London.

This woman suffered from unbearable stomach pain and acid reflux in a period of two months. The tests and ultrasounds revealed that she had been suffering from exceptional case of gallstones.

What are gallstones? They are actually made of cholesterol and salts that were formed in the gallbladder. There are cases when you can lead a normal life if you have gallstones without experiencing any symptoms. But, with time, they start to put pressure on the gallbladder, causing pain and nausea. If this condition starts to complicate, it can lead to fatal infection. Unhealthy diet, which mainly consists of eating fatty foods, can increase the risk of developing gallstones. Women are especially prone to this condition, but it’s not explained why.

Doctors couldn’t give an answer of finding such a large number of gallbladder stones.

Dr. Makhan Lala Saha, an experienced gastrointestinal endo surgeon, was the one who extracted the stones from the gallbladder. He says that he never imagined that a gallbladder could contain such a large number of stones. Dr. Saha, together with his assistants, counted all the stones. After 4 hours, the assistants finally counted 12, 000 tiny stones, with size between 2 mm and 5 mm.

He shared his experience that two months ago, he had performed a surgery on a girl who had 1, 100 stones. There is data of 3, 110 stones removed from a German patient’s gallbladder, which was the world record so far. But, the newest number of 12, 000 is definitely shocking.

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