What can your nails tell about your character?

This is an easy and simple test that can show a lot about you and your character. Just look at the picture below, and try to recognize the shape of your nails.

  1. Long, rectangular nails

If you have these nails, you are and open individual and a sociable person, with a sharp mind. You are trying to expand your points of view all the time and you have a sense of fulfillment around new people.

Your life motto is: “Measure three times, cut once”. You are analyzing the issues from your perspective and you always try to pick up the ideal solution.

  1. Wide, flat nails

You are a person which evaluates everybody and everything, and a person with a reasonable personality. You always think before you say something and the people that are around you, always listen to what you have to say. You have no troubles analyzing the character of other individuals and you are independent enough to rely just on your instincts.

You are a person that likes new things and a hard worker.

  1. Short, round nails

This means that you are most likely an individual that is fiery and inventive. You have an uplifting state of mind and spread joy all around you. The people that you are in contact with are really enjoying your company. You are an adventurous person, and when you are given a task, you will not rest until the task is over. This means that you are persistent and determined.

  1. Uneven, short nails

People with this type of finger nails are wise and extremely emotional individuals. They always try to nurture the relationships with their old friends, while at the same time they have no trouble making new ones. The life motto of these individuals is “Still waters run deep” and this reflects their personalities. These people have the ability to hide their true emotions from the others, and can pretend that everything is fine, while experiencing a storm of emotions on the inside. In the eyes of your friends, you are a honest person.

  1. Large, rectangular nails

Individuals with this type of nails are most of the time good leaders, responsible and valuable persons. They are trusted with important meetings, because the people around them know that they are extremely reliable.

  1. Triangular shaped nails

These individuals are persistent and fearless and they understand their needs very well. They will accept every assignment with tons of energy.

When it comes to the professional motto, it is “Work with ease and don’t spend too much effort”. This may seem like a bad motto, but this type of individuals always analyze the task before they start working on it.

  1. Oval and long nails

If you possess this type of nails, there are chances that you are an inventive person, with a decent creative ability. People that are around you, always rely on you to calm them down. Some will say that you are a workaholic, but they simply cannot understand that you really love your work.

These individuals are kind persons that will always find a creative and unique solution for every problem that they face.

Please be advised that every individual on the planet is a unique and special person, and today’s article is just an innocent and sweet effort to categorize.


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