What happens when you wash your hair with Coca-Cola? The results will surprise you (video)

This article may seem bizarre to you, but if you are a girl that dreams of having a wavy and shiny Amazonian curls, then this is for you. All you need is one to two bottles of Coca-Cola.

The blogger that goes by the name of Ellko, heard somewhere that Coca-Cola is good for thin hair, and she decided to test this theory, even though she did not believe it.

She has a long, flat hair, and she bought 2 bottles of Coca-Cola. She then washed and dried her hair, and she did not use any cosmetics whatsoever in the process.

She rinsed her hair with the carbonated drink and she then took a shower to remove the sugar from her hair. After the shower, she immediately noticed the difference. Her hair was wavier than it usually is. She also decided not to brush it, in order not to spoil the effect.

Ellko explains that you can let your hair dry naturally or you can blow dry it, it does not make a difference. For the purpose of the video, she decided to use a hair drier, and she really did like her new looks.

Her hair was a lot softer and it had an incredible volume.

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