What Kind of Woman Are You According to the Month in Which You Were Born

Have you ever heard that your birth month can determine some of your characters? Continue reading and find out what your month says about you.


Women who are born in January are very ambitious but rather serious and traditional. These women are also quite critical. They can rarely get furious, but you should definitely avoid them when they are angry. They usually keep their feelings to themselves. They can only come close to people they consider are on the same intellectual level as they are and people who share the same points of view.


Women born in February have an abstract way of thinking, so many people can’t understand them. They can change their mood too often, so you have to be patient with them. On the other side, they are very romantic and could do anything for the person they love. They appreciate people around them, but they never return to the person who betrays them.


Women who are born in March are really calm until something seriously upsets them. Besides the fact that they are usually devoted and loyal, in an attack of anger, they can put everything to an end. Only real men can truly appreciate these women because they have strong charm and charisma, which are really fascinating. Sharing life with a woman born in March is a great pleasure. They don’t fall in love easily because they don’t fall for tricks that men usually play on women.


Women born in April are real diplomats. Their strongest side is the communication. These women are quite jealous, and you should definitely be careful with them. But, if you win their trust, they will make you the happiest man on the planet. This is quite rare because these women only open themselves to people who earn their trust.


These women are both loyal and determined to their principles. They are also extremely attractive but combined with their difficult character, becomes a dangerous combination for any man who falls in love with them. Men never forget these women.


Women born in June are communicative, creative and curious. They usually speak before they think, which usually hurts other people’s feelings. They think that it is better to tell something in the face, and not from behind a person’s back. These women are dangerous players in a relationship and men often become a play toy in their hands.


Women born in July are mysterious but very honest. They never let other people approach them easily. They rarely boast, regardless of how beautiful and intelligent they are. They don’t like conflict situations and are usually polite to everyone. The past can hurt them a lot. You should be very careful with them because you can lose them forever if you cheat on them.


Women born in August are a unique mixture of self-centeredness and a great heart. They usually win conflicts so it’s not a good idea to get into a quarrel with them. They have a unique sense of humor but don’t like being ridiculed. They are always the center of attention and they never lack male company. Men normally lose their heads in the presence of these women.


Women born in September are beautiful, disciplined, and kind, and they never forget a betrayal. Be careful not to make this mistake because they will seek revenge. They like long relationships. On the other hand, they can be quite critical and have really high expectations of their partners. The man who offers the most will win their heart.


Women born in October have a very strong will, character, and independence. They are really emotional women, but they never cry in front of other people. They are very smart and they don’t open themselves to everyone because they know that people can take advantage of their weakness. These women are so strong, that they can even triumph over the strongest characters. Other women usually envy them.


You can never play games with women born in November. They are always one step ahead and can certainly recognize a lie. Be careful and never lose their trust because you will lose them. But, if you are ready to hear the truth, don’t ask for their opinion.


Women born in December are characterized as impulsive, impatient, but also really lucky. Don’t get into a conflict with these women because they always come out as winners. These women are fun to be with and are exceptionally good at cheering people up. They can win your heart in a matter of minutes. People often hurt them, but they have a great heart.

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