Wrap Your Feet In Cabbage Leaves And See The Surprising Results!!

The family of cruciferous vegetables is known for their numerous health benefits. Cabbage is one of the vegetables in this group, which contains high amount of vitamin C, K, and B6. It is also abundant in dietary fiber, folate, copper, vitamin B1, potassium and manganese. Moreover, cabbage is also high in vitamin B2, calcium, iron, choline, magnesium, pantothenic acid, niacin, protein, phosphorous and calcium.

Due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, cabbage has always been an inevitable part of alternative medicine. Its leaves have been proven to heal health conditions such as strains and sprains. They are also effective in treating swelling and ulcers, joint pain caused by arthritis, and sports injuries.

It is true that this treatment hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, but cabbage leaves are undoubtedly the cheapest and most effective natural medicine when it comes to treating joint pain and inflammation.

They are especially recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, so as to reduce their pain.

We will tell you how to use cabbage leaves to relieve the pain. You will soon feel the benefits of this all natural treatment.

Cabbage Leaves For Gout

People experiencing this disease, have tried this remedy and witnessed its soothing effect. They even claim that it helped them to get rid of the pain completely. All you have to do is take a few cabbage leaves, put them in a plastic bag and then store them in the freezer.

If you happen to feel pain, take the frozen cabbage leaves and put them around the painful area. Now, wrap your feet by using a towel and let your warm skin to unfreeze them.

Cabbage Leaves For Swollen Feet Treatment

You should cool white or green cabbage leaves in the freezer until they are chilled, yet pliable. The instructions are the following: wrap them around your swollen feet and sit with your feet elevated for 30 minutes. Cabbage has a great power of absorbing so it will draw out the excess of fluid in the feet.

Warning: Cabbage allergy is very rare, but in case you have any swelling or you feel itching, then remove the leaves immediately. Consult a doctor if the irritation continues or if it is getting worse.

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