You are pooping in a wrong way and you don’t even know about it

Being a part from the Western civilization, you have most probably been using the toilet in a wrong way your entire life, without even being aware of it. According to the experts from Stanford University, the natural design of the human body is so that it is way more natural to squat than it is to seat.

The dangerous thing about our habit is that it can lead to hemorrhoids, colon cancer, diverticulosis, hernias and inflammatory bowel disease.

The researchers conducted a study, back in 2003 on 28 people. They divided the people into three groups, corresponding to the three different positions.

The first group of people were sitting on a lower toilet shell, the participants of the second group were sitting on a high toilet shell and the participants of the third group were squatting. The researchers found out that the participants of the third group, found pooping much easier and faster.

When the body is in a standing position, the colon is pressed against the muscles, which can lead to fecal continence. When sitting down, the muscles are slightly relaxed, and when squatting, the muscles are fully relaxed, which leaves the colon straightened out.

Benefits of squatting

Squatting is effective in preventing the stagnation of waste. This means that because it is much easier to defecate in this position, your risk of colon cancer will be significantly reduced.

What is more, if you poop in squatting position, the nerves that control the uterus, bladder and the prostate, are protected from damage and scratches. This position will also protect your small intestine, because the waste will not be able to contaminate it.

This position can also protect the pelvic floor and the pelvic nerves which are responsible for bladder control, health and sexuality.

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