You can save a person from stroke, using just a needle! Find out how

The unconventional method of saving a human life during a stroke is actually a method that comes from the traditional Chinese medicine, and according to one professor, it is very effective. That is why you should always keep a needle in your house.

This is an advice that can help you save someone’s life, so take time to read it, because you never know if the life of some person may depend on you.

When an individual experiences a stroke, the capillaries of the human brain gradually stretch. In this situation, you need to take a rest and call an ambulance. It is important that you stay calm, and remember to never move the victim, it does not matter the place they are in. If you move the patient, the capillaries may burst, which will cause internal brain bleeding.

This method works best with a syringe needle, but an ordinary sewing needle can do the job as well. You need to take the needle and hold it over a lighter or candle fire, in order to sterilize it and then use it for pricking the tops of all ten fingers.

You don’t need acupuncture experience in order to do that because it needs to be just a few millimeters from the nail. You need to do this, so the blood can flow. If there is no blood that is coming out of the fingers, squeeze the fingers and it will come.

When all ten fingers begin to bleed, you need to wait for a couple of minutes, and you will be able to see that the individual is coming back to life. If the mouth is distorted, you need to massage their ears until they become red. When the ears are red, it means that the blood is flowing normally through them. Then, take the needle and puncture one small hole in the soft part of each ear, which will make the mouth of the victim return to normal in a matter of minutes.

Wait for the individual to come back to its normal state, and then wait for the ambulance to arrive.

This method is a traditional Chinese method, that has been used for many years.

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