You use apple cider vinegar but you have probably never heard of this

There are number of benefits that apple cider vinegar provides, and you probably know most of them. There are however, some lesser-known ways to use ACV.

It can soothe bug bites, rashes and it can treat ear infections

When mixed with equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water, ACV can effectively treat ear infections. It can also be used to soothe bug bites and rashes. Remember to always dilute the ACV with water before you decide to apply it on your skin.

Natural deodorizer

Apple cider vinegar has a distinct smell that is recognized by everyone. The benefit of this smell is that it can be used to counteract the bad smell left in carpets or furniture. Dilute the ACV with water first and then add it to a spray bottle, so that you can use it on a musty or smelly room.

Helps control sugar cravings and increases energy

Drinking a combination of apple cider vinegar and water has a number of benefits. Just two tablespoons of ACV added to 16 ounces of water can help increase the energy that your body requires so that you can complete your daily tasks. It contains potassium, acetic acid and maltic acid. All of these compounds help your body process fats faster and better, thus increasing your energy levels.

It can also decrease the cravings for sugar. This can be very helpful for those people who are aiming to lose weight, and also people that are suffering from diabetes.

It can disinfect wounds

In order to disinfect wounds, most people tend to use Hydrogen Peroxide. Apple cider vinegar can be a great alternative to hydrogen peroxide, in case you have run out of it. ACV will treat gashes and scraped knees just as effectively as hydrogen peroxide.

Kills weeds

It is always a challenge to keep your garden free of weeds. Most people use pesticides, but they are dangerous, because they can hurt your family members, when they consume the vegetables. ACV can be used to do this, and it is a natural alternative that will effectively manage to get rid of the weeds.

In order to prepare the mixture, you will need to mix one part of apple cider vinegar with eight parts of water. Then, pour the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the entire area of your garden. You need to repeat this procedure until the weeds are gone.

Apple cider vinegar is quite useful and versatile substance, that can be used in number of areas in your home.

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