10 alarming signals that define toxic relationships at their start

You need to work on your relationship, but when it comes to toxic relationship that is destructive for a couple, you need to work either doubly, or to find the strength to finish it. The very first step on this long journey begins with the realization that you have become a hostage to this situation.

Let’s start with the term. Toxic relationship can threaten your health or life, impede your development, cause long negative feelings: guilt, fear or hatred. People who are in a toxic relationship suffer from low self-esteem, psychological problems, physical illnesses often arise and worsen.

It would seem that it is easy to understand that you are in a toxic relationship. The decision what to do is also on the surface. However, it is not. Toxic relationship often begins quite peacefully, and people do not notice the alarming signs or find them an explanation – first because of falling in love, then because of attachment or fear of being left without a partner.

Let’s look at 10 alarming signals that define toxic relationships at their start:

#1. You immediately think that you have found the love of your life. You need to be sure in this.

#2. You idealize your partner too much. All women tend to do this, however, you should open your eyes and see a real personality of your partner.

#3. You neglect friends to please your partner. Your friends are a very important part of your life, do not forget this.

#4. You forget about your hobby. You have your interests in life, and your new partner should respect them.

#5. You turn a blind eye to alarming signals. Your partner will not change, if you do not like something, say about it.

#6. You unreservedly trust the opinion of your partner. His opinion is important, but it is not more important than yours.

#7. You feel incredibly jealous over every little thing. Your past should not affect your present.

#8. You can not stand it when your partner isn’t around. You can new find hobbies, meet with your friends and so on.

#9. You justify your partner’s terrible behavior. You should pay more attention to his behavior towards you and other people.

#10. You can’t just say, “No.” Do not do what you do not like. You can refuse him, if you do not share his ideas.

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