10 Healthy Fat Burning Snacks

Snacks are as important as any meal in the day. We don’t usually see it that way but the truth is that having the occasional, if not, necessary snack any time in the day can be very beneficial to your health and the overall success of your diet and weight loss plan. Consuming the right food can help enhance your metabolic rate and make you feel full, hence you will not be reaching for more food during the day. If you choose the wrong ingredients you take the risk of consuming too many unnecessary and empty calories that will derail your efforts. So why do that, when instead you can melt fat a little bit faster with these 10 healthy fat burning meals.

Salsa and Cucumber Slices

Spicy food has been known to speed the metabolic rate up to 20%. The spicy hot peppers found in salsa sauce contain a specific compound that has thermogenic action that stimulates digestion. Add to that cool cucumber slices and you have a delicious snack with all the nutrient benefits.

The cucumber is low in calories and contains a lot of water which helps in flushing out toxins and prevents bloating. Other than that you can be sure that it is packed with vitamins and minerals like sulphur and silicon that help speed up the fat burning process.

Tuna on Whole Wheat Crackers

The key is eating clean, and what is cleaner than tuna with all the lean protein you need and omega 3 fatty acids that are not only healthy, but also have effect on weight loss.

For those willing to put on body mass, it is recommendable to eat this delicious food before hitting the gym because it improves the blood flow to the muscles during exercise.

So choose the right piece of bread, or crackers, spread some tuna and season to taste!

Chicken Breast With Sweet Potato

Chicken, especially chicken breast meat is probably the leanest meat you can consume when trying to eat healthy. It is full of protein, makes you feel full for a longer period of time and helps in the muscle recovery period.

There are a lot of vegetables you can choose to pair with this delicious meat with and that is why it is perfect for a quick snack because it gives you protein and beneficial nutrients from two major food groups. We recommend the sweet potato that contains a lot of potassium necessary for producing energy that you use during the day. You can boil it, bake it, season it to your liking and you’re set for a wonderful snack.

Overnight Oats

Although high in calories when combined with raisins, nuts, and many ingredients found in muesli, the good old fashioned whole grain oats make the best option for an easy and nutritious snack you can combine with many fruits and dairy products.

In a cup, bowl or even a takeaway container you can bring to work, combine oats with yoghurt and leave in the fridge overnight to soak. In the morning you have an already set meal which you can season with cinnamon or your favorite fruit and start the day with protein from the yoghurt that helps digestion and a great source of insoluble fiber that makes you feel full much longer!

Green Tea Pops

Green tea is the go to tea blend when you want to lose weight. Antioxidants found in this drink help your body burn fat faster and increase your metabolic rate.
The way you can spice this drink up, especially in the hot summer day is to turn them into popsicles! Mix green tea powder with coconut milk and some tropical fruits and freeze in popsicle or regular molds and you have a healthy refreshing summer treat.

The way it adds to the fat burning combo is by being cold, and cold food and drinks take much more energy for the body as it has to warm them up before digesting.


When it comes to weight loss it is a good thing to be able to recognize and substitute the good and the bad. For our bodies to function normally we need many nutrients during the day and they include sugar too. The tricky thing is to choose the healthy one. Figs can be the number one option when you are craving something a little bit sweeter. Either dry of fresh it contains natural sugar and a lot of fiber to satisfy your belly!


Another fruit that can fill you up and make you feel fuller and will definitely not add up more empty calories is the watermelon. Fruits that are full with water like this delicious red treat help you stay hydrated and beat bloating.


The unique substance found in raspberries called raspberry ketone triggers fat cells to release a hormone that regulates the metabolism, regulates the blood sugar levels and helps you lose fat.

Try adding them to greek yoghurt for a perfect combination of protein and vitamins.


Nuts are a perfect way to curb that appetite, feel full and consume tons of nutrients! The monounsaturated fatty acids in pistachios can regulate blood sugar levels, thus making it a great fat burning snack!

Studies have shown that people that consumed the daily amount of these nuts have smaller waists and better cholesterol that the ones that didn’t include pistachios in their diet.

Fat Burning Smoothies

Smoothies are a healthy way to stay fit and full! Make a combination of your favorite fruits and toss them in a blender.

The basis of any smoothie should be the banana, it gives a nice texture to the mix and it is full of vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium and when combined with blueberries full of antioxidants you have made the ultimate combo for your weight loss goals. Blueberries, or any berries for that matter contain antioxidants that regulate blood sugar levels and have effect on abdominal fat and improve insulin sensitivity.

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