12 female habits which men love the most

Attractiveness means that the woman has enough time and desire to present her dignity in the most favorable light and hide the flaws. The physical attractiveness of women is directly related to the state of her health – that’s why this criterion is so important for men.

Women always want to look beautiful and sexy. In pursuit of impeccable appearance young ladies exercise a lot and keep various rigid diets, spend a lot of money on manicure, pedicure, cosmetologists and hairdressers. However, today we will speak about something else.

We will speak about female habits which men love the most. A man is always looking for an intelligent, self-confident and cheerful woman who can become his best life partner. Try doing these twelve habits, they will drive your man crazy:

#1. He loves you cuddling to him. He like to feel you as close as possible.

#2. He loves the way you smile after he kisses you. This shows that you enjoy his kisses.

#3. He loves when he catches you looking at him. He always wants to feel that you are interested in him.

#4. He loves when you mirror his movements. You can do it even ta have fun.

#5. He loves it when you are honest. All men prefer open and honest women.

#6. He loves you laughing at their jokes. This is very important for all men.

#7. He loves you playing with his hair. All men love touches, and especially when you touch their hair.

#8. He loves when you miss him. He loves even more when you show this.

#9. He loves when you get physical with him. He loves when you kiss or hug him for no reason.

#10. Compliment him. A woman needs to show that she appreciates her partner.

#11. He loves going to you for advice. Your opinion is important for him.

#12. He loves when you respect his personal space. All people need personal space, remember this.

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