14 deeds married men wish their wives stopped doing

A happy and strong marriage is a hard work on the part of both partners. They should do everything possible to keep their marriage and make it even better. It’s not always going to be convenient, or easy, or practical. But married couples have to fight for their love…not looking at any problems.

The most common problem among many married couples is the requirements. Some women believe that their men must constantly do something for them. But such requirements are not always justified and often are based only on imposed stereotypes. These women do not even think how ridiculous their “requirements” may sound.

Today we want to show you a list of 15 deeds married men wish their wives stopped doing. While letting go of certain habits is a real challenge, giving up these 15 things could help wives improve their marriage and their husbands’ well-being. It’s time to save your marriage, ladies!

#1. Stop saying phrases like “You always…” or “You never…”, because they can worsen your husband’s self-esteem. The beginning of a conversation with negative phrases will not succeed; your husband will begin to argue with you or just walk away from the conversation, not solving the problems.

#2. Stop comparing your husband with your ex boyfriends. The past is the past, and now you must live the present without hurting your husband by your comparison.

#3. Stop making your marriage a general overview. Only you two should know about your problems, and not all your relatives and friends. Your man should be confident in you and in your marriage, so stop taking out the trash.

#4. Stop bringing up skepticism. Never touch things you were skeptical about before getting married. Such actions will only discourage your husband.

#5. Stop blaming your husband for the bad behavior or the strange traits of your child. You should know that this is very insulting.

#6. Stop talking badly about your husband’s parents. It is unacceptable! You must respect your husband and all his relatives. If you have some problems in a relationship with your in-laws, try to solve them together with your husband.

#7. Stop focusing on your social media life. If you want a healthy and strong marriage, you’d better start paying more time to your husband, not Instagram.

#8. Stop solving your conflicts through a third party ( we mean your relatives and close people). Comments from a third party can only worsen the situation and disrupt the relationship between you two.

#9. Stop treating your husband like a girlfriend. Men do not like to feel like “girls”, yes, you can discuss your day and problems, but you need to know the boundaries. Otherwise, it will be a low blow…

#10. Stop being ungrateful. Every person shows his love as best as possible, and you should appreciate it and be grateful for his love and care.

#11. Stop teaching him how he should to parent. You are both equal in the upbringing of your child, and each of you gives him something of his own. So it’s wrong when you specify what your husband should do as a parent.

#12. Stop trying to contain his manliness. Men and women are from other planets, so our behavior and habits are completely different. Do not interfere with his quirks.

#13. Stop judging his spirituality. Pray for your marriage so that you can be together and overcome any difficulties.

#14. Stop daily complaints. These complaints will not lead you to anything good, the pressure will only grow every day between the two of you. You have to sort out your problems and solve them for the sake of your marriage.

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