14 ways to use onions in treating and preventing health issues

Onion is the most underrated food ingredient present in your kitchen. You can use it in various dishes or eat it in a salad, but the medicinal benefits of onions remain unexplored. Everyone knows that the onion is useful. In general, we perceive it as a kind of anti-catarrhal property, while in reality it is much more useful and multifaceted.

After reading this article, many people will rush to buy onions in the store or on the market, because almost every emerging issue with appearance or health can be solved with its help. It is a natural antibiotic, its detox and antioxidant properties make onion an indispensable ingredient for the natural treatment of various diseases.

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It can be used to replace many products sold on the market, which makes it a cheaper and environmentally friendly option. This time we want to share 14 curious ways of using onions. In fact, onions have a huge number of uses outside the cooking of dishes. Definitely, most of the tips collected here are useful to every person:

#1. It can work as a cough suppressant. Onions are an indispensable emergency remedy for fever, colds, sore throats, allergies and coughing.

#2. Use an onion for soothing a baby. Onion tea can relax muscles and settle the baby’s stomach with ease.

#3. Use onion to fight hair loss. In home medicine, onions are used for hair care. Its antibacterial properties help to cope with dandruff, stop hair loss and promote their growth. Just make a decoction of onion peel and apply it to the hair before each washing.

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#4. Use onion to clear up Chest Congestion. Onion is one of the best products to relieve congestion in the chest. It contains quercetin and sulfur, both of which help to loosen and eliminate mucus from the chest, facilitate breathing and provide relief from congestion in the chest.

#5. Use onion to heal cuts. Onions are very useful for healing of small wounds, cuts, skin cracks. You can disinfect a small wound or cut, and also speed up the healing process.

#6. Use onion to clear up ear infection. The clogged ears often irritate and worsen the hearing. Try to clear your ears using onion. Take the soft part of the onion and put it in the beginning of the ear canal. Do not push it in your ear, be careful to put it only in the beginning. Leave it overnight, and onion juice will soften the sulfur in your ear. The next day you will remove sulfur and clean your ears without any problems.

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#7. Soothing bug bites. Onions have anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties that make it an excellent remedy for pain and irritation after an insect bite. Just apply pieces of onion to the affected areas of the skin from time to time to get rid of discomfort and speed up the healing process. Also, onion juice can lubricate the skin to scare off annoying mosquitoes and wasps.

#8. Fighting Nausea. Regular consumption of onions in food will help to normalize and improve the digestion. The fact is that onions contain soluble fiber, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, and also helps prevent and cope with diarrhea. In addition, lovers of this vegetable are much less likely to suffer from a stomach ulcer.

#9. Dealing with a sore throat. Cook the onion husks in water and add honey to soften the sore throat. Remove the husks before taking the drink.

#10. Purifying the air using onions. Onion perfectly absorbs toxic odors. Just cut the bulb into several pieces, put it on a plate and leave it in a room where there is an unpleasant smell and soon there will be no trace left of it. In addition, onion perfectly kills bacteria, so its pieces can be laid out around the apartment during periods of epidemics.

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#11. Treating sunburns. In order to avoid inflammation after a sunburn, massage the necessary skin areas with a slice of fresh onion. The sulfur compounds contained in it will speed up all regeneration processes and reduce burning and redness.

#12. Use onion to reduce fever. This is the best solution for high body temperature. Put onion slices in socks as a treatment for high body temperature. You will be surprised seeing the results.

#13. Treat diabetes to a degree. Eating onion by diabetics is more than justified. It helps to increase the level of insulin in the blood and reduces blood sugar level.

#14. Remove eye irritations. Simple onion drops (water + onion juice in a ratio of 1 to 1) effectively treat cataracts.

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