14 definite signs that he is using you

You can always notice signs that he is not interested in you and find out whether he wants only money, a free housekeeper or satisfies some other emotional needs. Even if you really like him, do not start a relationship with such a primitive user.

Men can sometimes hide the clever tricks of a skillful manipulator behind his words and beautiful gestures. All his actions are directed only to achieve a certain goal. This question is, of course, important for every girl. After all, the earlier you find out that your partner is a manipulator and end this relationship, the less precious time will be lost, and you will have more chances to meet your true love.

Learn how to recognize the signs that he is using you and to get away from such a partner as soon as possible. He can have various causes, but his actions say more than his words, and sooner or later he will reveal his true essence. Look through these fourteen signs:

#1. He does not like to discuss his commitments. Perhaps, he just wants to get and not to give.

#2. Your friends do not like your partner. They try to warn you, but you can be blind.

#3. He does not pay his attention to you in bedroom. He is very selfish.

#4. You do not know his friends or family. He hides you.

#5. He uses you as a financial support. He asks to buy things for him, but do not buy anything for you.

#6. He asks you for going favors for him all the time and again gives nothing back.

#7. He does not pay much attention to your feelings. This is not important for him.

#8. He does not show his feelings. You do not know whether he loves you or not.

#9. His mood and behavior changes all the time.

#10. He does not open to you. You know almost nothing about him.

#11. You see each other only when he wants. He does not care for your wishes.

#12. You do not go on dates with him. He does not invite you anywhere.

#13. He has bad reputation. You know that he used to behave bad with other women.

#14. He’s seeing other girls.

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