15-year-old may put Cancer Industry to Shame: Develops Near 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google

One of my favorite Thomas Edison’s quotes is the one where he said that genius is 1% inspiration and 995 perspiration. He actually lived this quote daily in the process of creating the light bulb. He made his own hand blown glass bulbs. He tried more than 3,000 different theories and tried more than 6,000 types of a filament to prolong the life of a light bulb.

In 1880 he created a 16-watt bulb that burned for one thousand and five hundred hours.

Teenage Boy Finds Pancreatic Cancer Test

Jack Andraka is also living this famous quote by Thomas Edison. Jack Andraka is just a 15-year-old boy from Crownsville, Maryland. He watched a family friend, who was like an uncle to him, dying from pancreatic cancer. Instead of accepting it as fact of life, he chose to do something about it.

He found out that a significant part of the problem was a lack of early detection tests. So, he decided to create a test to detect cancer in its earliest stages. Pancreatic Cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death, taking more than 34,000 lives every year. This cancer is usually detected in its last stage and has an extremely low survival rate after diagnosis.

Why is Andraka’s Test Different?

Up-to-date testing methods are sixty years old, cost about $800, and miss 30 percent of all pancreatic cancers.

The test Jack developed is:

26,000 times less expensive
168 times faster
400 times more sensitive than the current standard of detection
He used Google and Wikipedia as his primary research tools because online resources are available to anyone who has an internet connection.
The cost for his test: Three cents
It takes 5 minutes and has a much higher accuracy rate compare that to the current test with 60-year-old technology.

Please take the time to watch the video below:

Jack’s test is still in the clinical testing phase. It won’t be available to the public for at least 5-10 years. Every medication or treatment must go through a very systematic series of testing before the medical and scientific communities can be sure of its efficiency and safety enough to use it.


Consult a physician before beginning any treatment program.

Consult a physician before making any adjustment to your health care, lifestyle, and/or diet.

Do not remove yourself from any prescribed medications without consulting your specialist.

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