16 organic products that can help the liver get back on track

Cleansing the liver at home is available to everyone, and it should be carried out at least several times a year. Our main internal filter, the liver, works tirelessly, trying to keep the body clean and tidy. Although it has a great potential by nature itself, it can not do without our help. After all, every day we complicate the work of the liver, even by the fact that we simply breathe.

Polluted air is one of the main causes of intoxication, and not only fatty unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages, as many think. In this article, we will talk about how to alleviate the liver problem, and maintain good health all year round.

The liver is a vital organ that produces bile. It is located in the abdominal cavity and is one of the largest internal organs of a person. Its role in the life of the body can be called the main. In many ways the general state of health depends on the correct working of the liver. In addition to the production of bile, this organ performs the most important function of the internal filter, acting as a kind of barrier for toxins. Let’s look at the best ways to cleanse the lives:

#1. Green tea. Make green tea, add some honey there and drink it every day.

#2. Avocado. Eat raw avocados or make vegetable salads with avocado.

#3. Beets. This vegetable is rich in antioxidants, you can eat it raw or boiled.

#4. Tomatoes. They contain Lycopene. It is good for removing toxins. Just cut it and add to your meals.

#5. Apples. They are rich in iron, fiber and other important elements to get rid of toxins. Try to eat them fresh.

#6. Olive oil. This oil cleanses the liver very well. Add it to your meals.

#7. Broccoli and Cauliflower. They have a lot of benefits. They remove cancerogens and toxins.

#8. Lemons. They are rich in vitamin C and can cleanse the liver. Just add lemon juice into water and add some honey there.

#9. Walnuts. They are rich in omega 3 and improve the work of your liver. Try to eat nuts every day.

#10. Cabbage. It contains special enzymes that are very useful for the liver. Make cabbage salads.

#11. Carrot. It is the best source of beta-carotene and is rich in antioxidants. Add carrot to your meals.

#12. Berries. They also contain a lot of antioxidants. Try to eat berries every day.

#13. Turmeric. This spice can detoxify your body. Add it to your meals.

#14. Garlic. It can help to improve your immunity system and the work of your liver. Add garlic to your meals.

#15. Grapefruit. It contains a lot of antioxidants and can remove toxins very quickly.

#16. Leafy green vegetables. They are rich in chlorophylls and cleanse the live very well.



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