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19 Fantastic Super Fruits That Can Change Your Life! An Ayurvedic View on Fruits

We are all aware of the fact that eating fruits is healthy, but did you know there is a category defined as Superfruits? Take a look at the following list of 19 fruits which will definitely improve the quality of your life. Include them in your diet and you will look and feel super good. We are only going to mention some of their benefits that they are recognized by.

1. Banana – It seems like a banana a day keeps the doctor away as well. Bananas take care of your digestive system.

2. Pomegranate – Protects your heart and liver.

3. Grapefruit – Regulates your blood sugar levels.

4. Avocado – Does wonders to your skin, making it perfectly smooth and youthful.

5. Mango – They contain over 20 vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, enjoy its unique taste.

6. Orange – Apart from being juicy and delicious fruit, it is a rich source of vitamin C, which protects your immune system. It is recommended to make orange your breakfast.

7. Kiwi – Boost your immune system.

8. Grapes – Revitalizes your body.

9. Apple – Speeds up your metabolism. The process of losing weight is much easier if you eat apples every day.

10. Strawberry – Perfect for beating the summer heat. Treats have never been healthier.

11. Blueberry – It is considered to be a natural substitute for Viagra.

12. Figs – Regulate your blood pressure.

13. Cherry – Low-calorie food. This fruit improves your sleep quality.

14. Pineapple – The king of tropical fruits. It helps in treating health conditions like asthma and diabetes.

15. Tomatoes – Tomato sauces, tomato soups, tomato salads or raw tomatoes, how do you prefer them? No matter how you eat them, they are always one of the healthiest choice for you.

16. Papaya – Promotes better heart health and improves digestion.

17. Pear – A good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

18. Watermelon – Refreshing fruit and loaded with nutrients.

19. Blackberry – This delicious fruit has the highest antioxidant properties.

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