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2 Taoist exercises that are so good for kidneys and weight loss

We all know that modern life is full of all possible kinds of trends and somehow we are bound to follow them. But while following the trends very often, we leave out the spheres that are actually important, such as our health. Of course, when there is something happening you rush to the doctor’s office, but in fact, there is almost nothing that you couldn’t have prevented.

For a long time now Chinese people have been using Taoist exercises to help them deal with various health issues. That is why we decided to borrow their knowledge and to share it with you. You will be surely amazed to learn that only two Taoist exercises can relieve you of kidney problems altogether with the issue of excess weight.

As you may have already guessed that is going to be something that we are about to discuss here in this article. Get ready to embrace Oriental practices for your own benefits!

As a matter of fact, there are only two exercises for you to carry out daily in the morning to keep your kidneys working and your weight not going up. What is more, the practice of these two exercises will help those of you who are suffering from knee ache. As you may know that the fact that your knees hurt arises from the weakness of your muscles, especially the back ones, which happens due to low activity levels.

#1 Taoist walking – practical tips

There are a lot of areas on your body that are responsible for various body functions, and your knees are not the exception. The thing is that there are special points on your knees which when stimulated are more than helpful when it comes to inner pathologies. Taoist walking can cure kidney as well as liver diseases. What is more, Chinese medicine considers this practice to be effective against almost anything.

So what are the benefits of ‘knee’ walking, you may wonder? The first thing that comes to mind is that in comparison to other physical activities it is available and affordable for anyone, besides there are no restrictions as to who can do it. You will notice the result straight away, and all you need to do is to devote some twenty-five minutes to this practice daily.

There is no special equipment that you will require to succeed with this exercise, apart from a yoga mat or a soft blanket on the floor. You should in no case hurry up with this exercise. All you need to do is to ‘walk’ with the only difference that you do not use your feet but your knees, also it is important that you do not use your hands to help yourself. If your knees are going to hurt straight away – do not be afraid, it is only natural since your knees are not used to such a kind of physical activity, the best you can do is to put another blanket on top the mat or the first one. Once your muscles get used to it, the pain will go away, and you will learn how to walk on your knees painlessly.

It is amazing, apart from being great for your inner organs knee walking will also improve your sight. The thing is that your knee area is filled with active points that stimulate those proper processes.

In case you wish to improve the psychological atmosphere of this exercising it is best to carry it out with your eyes shut. The thing is that when you concentrate on the result, it will double the benefits so that the result will be noticeable even sooner. As a side effect – your legs will become all toned and slim.

#2 Standing on one leg, pose named ‘Golden Rooster’

After you are done with the knee walking it is time to strengthen all your organs with the help of ‘Golden Rooster’ one leg stand. This pose is all you need to restore the full body harmony.

To start off you should stand, relaxed, your arms are down alongside your body, and your eyes are shut. It is highly important that your eyes remain shut s that your brain can restore the inner balance. When you are trying to keep the balance, you put the pressure on your foot mainly, and that is where the points connected with your inner organs are situated. You should practice this exercise the first thing in the morning to achieve a better result. As you will move forward, you will increase the time, and the result will become more and more noticeable with every day.

Practice these exercises daily and improve your health with every day!

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