20 ways to shed pounds without trying

Are you tired of strict diets and exhausting workouts, but still want to slim down? You may not believe it, but it is possible to reach your goal weight without making drastic changes to your life. Are you interested?

Yet, while following a healthy diet and slipping into exercise does take some regular work, it really doesn’t have to be that hard. It is time to make just a few easy lifestyle changes in order to pack a big weight loss punch over time. If you want to shed pounds without trying, you should read these twenty tips that can help you start your weight-loss journey. Believe us, you don’t need to change your lifestyle all at once. Scroll down to read this list of smart tips right now.

#1. Walk more

If you wake up and you don’t have any plans, it is a great opportunity to spend this day with benefits. Go for a walk, listening to music with headphones on. There is nothing better than a morning walk.

#2. Drink warm water with lemon juice

Warm water with lemon can help you cleanse your skin, boost metabolism and accelerate fat burning. Drink it, when you feel thirsty to replace soda and you will slim down easily.

#3. Plan healthy snacks

If you know that you will busy at work all day, you should prepare healthy snacks ahead of time. It will help you control your appetite and prevent overeating. You may take nuts, fruits, vegetables or low-fat dairy. It’s up to you!

#4. Limit your salt consumption

Salt is not healthy for you, as it makes you suffer from bloating and swelling down. If you want to feel fresh and rested, you should limit your salt intake and replace it with herbs, spices and olive oil.

#5. Don’t drink high-calorie cocktails

If you are going to visit a party and have fun, you should avoid sugar-loaded cocktails that prevent you from losing weight. Instead of them, you may choose red dry wine, martini, whiskey with diet coke, gin and tequila.

#6. Drink coffee without additives

The cream and sugar make your coffee high-calorie and tasteless. If you want to slim down, you should drink sugar-free black coffee without creams. However, you may replace the cream with skim milk.

#7. Eat no more than two egg yolks a day

Eggs are healthy, as they are loaded with proteins and fats. But if you want to prevent the risk of heart attacks and strokes, you should eat no more than two egg yolks a day. Keep in mind that you can eat as many egg whites as you want.

#8. Choose an interesting training routine

If you don’t like to hit the gym, you should find another alternative that can help you tone your body and burn calories. You may choose dancing classes, boxing classes or swimming.

#9. Try veggie alternatives

There are so many low-calorie, healthy options that can replace white rice and wheat pasta. Don’t hesitate to try zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice and quinoa. These products are very delicious!

#10. Carry sneakers and sports uniform with you

If you are going to work all day at the office, keep you sneakers there. Maybe you will have an opportunity to work out. Who knows?

#11. Drink more green tea

Green tea is beneficial for slimming down. It is loaded with antioxidants that can help you boost metabolism and refill your energy levels. Drink at least three cups of green tea a day.

#12. Be active

Stop watching TV shows all day long. If you want to burn fat, you should be active. If you have free time, you may walk with friends, go shopping or visit a museum. The more you move, the better you will feel.

#13. Ask your parents

If you are suffering from extra weight, you parents may also experience this problem. You may ask them to find out some new tricks that can help you maintain a healthy weight.

#14. Overestimate your calorie intake

Online calorie calculators are not always accurate. When you think you consumed 1200 calories a day, overestimate this number to 1400 just to be safe.

#15. Go hiking

You may have a friend, who loves to hike. It can be so fun to explore new places with a good person. And it also can help you burn extra fat.

#16. Choose “small” servings

There is nothing wrong if you want to eat your favorite product. You will not gain weight, if you choose a small serving of french fries.

#17. Reduce portions and use small plates

You do not need to eat as much as you think. Eat small serving of food and walk away for twenty minutes to feel satiety.

#18. Find a person who will inspire you

If you have an Instagram page, you may follow some fitness trainers and fitness starts that will motivate you obtain the same great results.

#19. Don’t eat white bread for breakfast

Breakfast in the most important meal of the day. Make sure, it is healthy and nutritious. Start your day with healthy products, such as greek yogurt, homemade granola, oatmeal, fruits, honey, eggs and cheese.

#20. Reduce stress

Slimming down shouldn’t be a challenge for you. Don’t go crazy with restrictions, as stress increases the production of cortisol that can make you gain weight. Be positive and enjoy your life!

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