21 foods that sound healthy, but are not!

If you want to have good health, an ideal figure and to lead a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you need to do is to change your eating habits. To begin with, give up foods that bring your body extreme harm. Many foods are dangerous to our health. Unfair producers take care only of their own profit. If this continues, we will come to the fact that nothing can be bought in the store, and we will have to think about where to get healthy food.

One of the important components of healthy eating is the choice of foods and methods for their preparation. In addition to the fact that the correct diet should be balanced by food composition (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), it is also important to monitor their quality.

This means that they should be quality, fresh and contain no harmful elements. Today we will look at twenty-one foods that are not healthy at all. Probably, you eat them often, or your family members do. After reading about them, you will change your attitude towards healthy eating:

#1. Fruit juice. The main problem is that there is a large amount of fructose in them. Especially concerning such juices as banana, grape, pineapple. Apple, orange, tangerine, grapefruit have less fructose. Fructose, of course, is more useful than white sugar, but, nevertheless, it also refers to simple carbohydrates – sugars.

#2. Soy protein. Not all soy protein is absorbed by the body. Soy contains substances that inhibit the action of internal enzymes, which effectively break down protein molecules in the stomach and intestines. The presence of a special substance that slows the work of the enzyme leads to the fact that soy amino acids enter the blood from the intestine slowly.

#3. Sugar alcohols. The combination of different types of alcohol has a very negative effect on our body, especially on the liver and pancreas. Some components of cocktails (for example, fruit juice) in combination with strong alcohol can irritate the mucosa of the digestive tract, causing the development of diseases such as gastritis and peptic ulcer.

#4. ‘Atlantic’ salmon + other farmed fish like tilapia. Many American scientists believe that it can not be eaten at all, since it belongs to the category of fish whose meat accumulates mercury. Old fish is more harmful, because there is more mercury in it.

#5. Microwave popcorn. The danger is a chemical called diacetyl. This synthetic oil and flavor, evaporating when heated, enters the lungs and damages them.

#6. Factory-farmed meat. This meat is a comfortable environment for many harmful microorganisms that can survive even when the meat is frozen. Salmonella is the most dangerous microbe.

#7. Margarine. It contains trans fats, which adversely affect the health of the heart. Vegetable fats are the main component of margarine, which are produced mainly from soy in our time. Genetically modified soy can cause the strongest allergies, up to a lethal outcome.

#8. Shrimp. Some nutritionists associate the possible harm of shrimp with their ability to absorb radioactive substances from seawater. To neutralize even the minimal damage of shrimp and other seafood for the body, it is desirable to be aware where they were caught and to avoid unfavorable industrial sources.

#9. Vegetable Oils. The use of toxic aldehydes in food or the inhalation of these toxic compounds leads to an increased risk of cancer and various heart diseases.

#10. Table salt. Harm is manifested in case of its overabundance. It clogs the ducts and the liquid can not leave the body. As a result, edema develops, and excess sodium chloride begins to accumulate.

#11. Artificial sweeteners. Harm from the use of certain sweeteners is due to their carcinogenic effects on the body.

#12. Swai fish. It can cause poisoning of the body.

#13. Fat-free and low-fat milk. Milk contains vitamins A and D in milk fat, which help in the assimilation of proteins and calcium. When fat is removed, the body uses reserve stocks of these vitamins to digest proteins and calcium from the same skim milk. Thus, low-fat milk actually contributes to a deficiency of nutrients, since the body is depleting its stores of vitamins.

#14. Seitan. It consists entirely of wheat gluten. Wheat gluten is a very allergenic protein.

#15. Agave. Due to the large amount of dinordrin and anardrine contained in the agave, the activity of the ovules decreases and the probability of conceiving a child in this case is practically approaching zero. Also, there is a large amount of fructose.

#16. Overcooked meat. In the process of heat treatment glytoxins can be formed in meat. These substances, formed in the course of chemical reactions, stimulate the development of the inflammatory reaction and a number of diseases.

#17. Garcinia Cambogia. This plant can cause headache, increased drowsiness, mild dizziness, especially if you combine it with a low-calorie diet.

#18. Canned green beans. More often harm from eating of canned peas is caused by a violation of the technology of its manufacture or storage, the use of an expired product. In this case, bacteria enter the body and can cause food poisoning.

#19. Nonorganic strawberries. It is a strong allergen, so add it in your diet gradually.

#20. Conventional pancake breakfast. If you consume pancakes in large quantities, even without fillings, the body may not manage to absorb fatty foods right.

#21. Shady coffee drinks. They are very harmful because of a high level of sugar consisting in them.

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