3 Amazing Natural Remedies for Frozen Shoulder

A health condition which characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder which limits the range of movements is called frozen shoulder. It generally affects people at the age between 40 and 60. Frozen shoulder can be caused due to several factors, including a shoulder injury, autoimmune disease, or dehydration. People who are prone to frozen shoulder are patients who have heart disease, diabetes, and people who have experienced a stroke.

Frozen shoulder development has 3 stages:

  • Painful stage (a severe shoulder pain)
  • Frozen stage (inability to move the shoulder)
  • Thawing stage (the latest stage of frozen shoulder)

But don’t worry, you can treat frozen shoulder naturally, with the help of the following remedies:

Take a pan and put mustard oil and some crushed garlic cloves. Cook until the garlic turns brown, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool down. Use this oil to massage your shoulder.

A very effective technique that offers quick results is heat packs. If you decide to use them you should repeat the treatment 3-6 times a day. Just put the heat pack on the painful area and wait for 15 minutes.

You can also prepare a mixture of black sesame seeds. Just dip black sesame seeds in water and let it stay overnight. Consume it the next morning.


Stretching exercises

Yoga is a perfect alternative for this problem. But, you can also stretch your arms to improve your shoulder`s movability.

Moreover, it is very important to consume a lot of water, because frozen shoulder can also be a result of a dehydration.

Don’t forget to consume fresh, healthy and unprocessed food and healthy oils. This way you will lubricate the shoulder joints. Consume more vegetables, soups, spices, and herbs to relieve the inflammatory process.

Avoid fried and fatty foods and food high in sodium, because they can worsen the problem.

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