3 ways to spot a chronic liar

Everybody lies. That is not an overestimation – that is the truth. We all have those moments in life when there is no other way or for some else’s sake etc., but we all do it. But, it is a lot different when we turn out to be the ones being lied to especially by people we care most.

The thing is that when you fall for someone, it is pretty different to judge rationally, you always look for some excuses why he has done so. Sometimes you can find pretty rational excuses, and it is alright until you tend to search for those too often.

There are people who are just chronic liars, and they lie whether there is a reason or there is none – those people you should stay away from. But, before you keep the distance, you need to learn how you can spot a chronic liar and today we will tell you how!

#1. Manipulation

If you try to talk to your partner directly about his lies and he starts turning tables – that is it. If he is like – ‘why, are you crazy?’ – You should better turn around and run. The thing is that this is the kind of manipulation which puts you to blame for their lies. Think about it!

#2. Everywhere and to everyone

If you are still not convinced – look around. Ave you ever noticed your partner telling lies other people easily and often? There you go! He is a chronic liar!

#3. Fake stories

The truth is that chronic liars not only lie about everything they compose fake stories and they sincerely wish you to believe them. Do not fall for that. You should think logically and when something seems out of place – think about it why is it so? Well, probably because it is a lie!

Last but not least, use your intuition whenever you can’t make up your mind, your intuition will rarely let you down!


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