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4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy!

It seems that having a healthy diet, performing physical activities, and drinking plenty of water are the key to staying in a good shape, both physically and mentally. Nonetheless, every culture has its own ways on answering the most important question how to stay healthy. Japanese people are known for their alternative techniques to protect their health. Check these 4 useful Japanese methods:

1. They say that if you eat like a Sumo Wrestler, you will look like a Sumo Wrestler.

These wrestlers don’t eat breakfast, because they start with intense training as soon as they wake up. Then, they have a big lunch in the afternoon, and after that they go to bed. Usually, their eating regimen is consisted of two heavy meals, two times in a day. So, even if you exercise regularly, it will not be of much help, if you eat a lot. You are going to gain weight anyway. Bear in mind that if you eat large portions, or consume junk food, your physical activities will have no effect at all. So, remember to eat five small portions a day, be physically active, and have enough sleeping hours.

2. Warmth Is Life.

Food is our energy. Fruits and veggies that grow in the summer cool the body. In that way, your body can adjust to the summer heat. While foods that grow in the winter, are high in calories and maintain our bodies warm in order to resist the cold days. Raw fruits and veggies are beyond important, but our body also needs warmer foods from time to time. So, consume nutritious ingredients and your body will get everything that it needs.

3. Don’t Drink Liquids During Your Meal.

The majority of Japanese people don’t drink water or any other type of liquid during their meal. Why is that so? They think that this habit is not good for digestion. They explain that liquid cools the body and the body is no longer warm. In the opinion of some scientists, water neutralizes the stomach acid and in this way, the body is forced to spend more energy to finish the digestion. Therefore, they recommend to supply your body with water through food, such as fruits, veggies, and soup.

4. A Hot Bath Prolongs Your Life.

A hot bath stimulates your blood circulation, relaxes you, and it improves your mood. The Japanese tradition represents the theory that taking a hot bath improves the function of the digestive tract, revitalizes your skin, and prolongs your life. The ideal temperature would be 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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