4 exercises for the treatment of chronic low back pain

Spending a lot of time at the desk, you can face a number of problems associated with pain in the back, waist, neck and shoulders. Those whose occupations are connected with a sitting position, it is quite difficult to keep the muscles in a tonus every day, and visits to the fitness club a couple of times a week may not be enough to fix serious health problems.

In order not to become a victim of your own workplace, and also to save energy and productivity as much as possible, there is a simple and elegant solution- do exercises for your back every day. We offer you to try this great workout and to get rid of your chronic low back pain:

Plank Reach and Plank with Leg Lift. Take an elbow plank position. Lift you left leg, then lift your right leg. Lift your left arm, then lift your right arm. Do it for one-two minutes.

Single-Leg Hip Thrust. Sit on the floor, place your elbows on the bench. Then lift your hips. Do two-three sets of ten-twelve repetitions.

Pallof Press. Using a cable machine or a resistance band, bend your arms in your elbows and hold the position for some seconds. Do two-three sets of ten-twelve repetitions.

Clam Shell. Lie on the floor on your side, bend your arm in the elbow and place under your head. Slightly bend your knees, place a resistant band under your knees and lift the upper knee. Do two-three sets of ten-twelve repetitions.


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