4 Leftovers You Should Avoid Eating At Any Cost, Especially The 4th One

Sometimes, we all enjoy consuming the reheated leftovers. But, consuming reheated leftovers is not always harmless as it seems. You should know that some foods might put in danger your health if you consume them reheated.

These are the 4 leftovers you should avoid:


As you already know, chicken is high in protein. But if you reheat it, it changes this composition. You are allowed to reheat it only if the meat inside is very hot. You should be very careful with chicken meat because you can consume the meat in two days, and no more.


According to the Food Standard Agency, raw rice contains microorganisms of dangerous bacteria that can survive the first cooking process. If you keep the rice at room temperature, these microorganisms multiply and cause numerous digestive issues.

So, if you have leftovers, you should freeze them instead of keeping them in your fridge.


Center for Food Safety claims that you should freeze or store the leftover vegetables at 40°F if you store them for a longer time.

Some vegetables are very delicate. If you keep spinach, lettuce, celery, and beets at a room temperature they accumulate nitrates. These might lead to a very rare blood disorder in children known as methemoglobinemia.

Vegetable oil

According to some studies, reheated foods which have been cooked in vegetable oils increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

To be precise, the reheating of polyunsaturated oils like sunflower, corn, canola oil releases 4-hydroxy- trans-2-nonenal (HNE) which is a toxin from the fatty acids that lead to health problems, including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, heart disease, liver problems, and some types of cancer.

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