4 ways mustard can heal the body

This seasoning is known to mankind for thousands of years. Many people use mustard grain not just for making hot sauces, or a tasty and healthy oil, but as a bright and metaphorical symbol that expresses tremendous power.

In addition, mustard is a well-known medicinal remedy used both in folk and official medicine, which has a mass of useful properties. Mustard contains many vitamins: B, E D and A, and also micro and macro elements: potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium.

Mustard is useful for appetite, it breaks down fats and improves the digestion of protein foods, while metabolism is activated, salivation improves. Mustard is known to help people lose weight, to break down fats deposits and also for wraps and body masks that are made with it.

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The main useful properties of mustard are antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action. Also, mustard has an antioxidant, laxative and enveloping effect. Burning property of this seasoning are well-known, so, it is necessary to be quite careful, while using it for treatment.

Therefore, people suffering from ulcerative lesions of the gastroduodenal region should use mustard with extreme caution. It is very useful to eat mustard during colds, it helps with cough and laryngitis, it is widely used as a warming and irritating agent, which increases blood circulation in the body.

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Now, let’s look at 4 interesting ways how you can heal the body with the help of mustard:

#1. Tired feet. Painkiller and soothing bath: 2 tbsp. of mustard mixed with 2 liters of hot water. Then put the legs there for 30 minutes.

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#2. A sore throat. Mix a little lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of mustard and 100 ml of warm water. Rinse your throat 4-6 times a day.

#3. Sinusitis, runny nose. Wet the cloth with hot water, wrap it with dry mustard and put on the nose or the area between the eyebrows.

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#4. Back pain, arthritis, sprains. Healing bath with mustard. Take hot water, add 220 g of dry mustard powder, but do this gradually, stirring well to avoid lumps. Take mustard bath for about 20 minutes.

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