How to grow a ginger plant in your house?

Ginger is extremely healthy and beneficial, and it is also a plant that is known as “the root miracle”.

Ginger can be extremely good for pain, it can activate the digestive juices and it will help your body to incorporate nutrients better.

What do you need to know before you decide to plant ginger in your backyard?

Ginger is a root that can grow in places of partial shade, which means that it can also grow inside of your home. You can plant it in a pot, or you can use a pot that is shallow, which will give the plant the space that it needs to properly grow. The roots of this plant will grow horizontally, so you need to remember this when choosing the container in which you will plant it.

When the ginger is growing, you can cut small pieces of it, in order to make it grow better.

How to plant it?

When you buy ginger, you need to look carefully, to choose one that has no wrinkles, and that is not moldy or soft. The ginger needs to be firm. If the root has several buds, you can cut them and put them in different pots to grow more plants.

It is also important to buy ginger from a seller that you trust, and you should use organic products. There are different sections in the local market where they offer ginger, but remember that this is not a good crop, because they sprinkle it with a growth inhibitor which prevents germination even if you plant it in the soil.

In order to plant the ginger, you are going to need:

  • A piece of ginger rhizome
  • A 40 cm-deep pot
  • One part fertilizer or earthworm humus
  • Three parts of ecological soil

Step one – you need to soak the ginger root in warm water and leave it overnight

Step two – fill the pot with earthworm humus and three parts of the ecological soil. You need to remember that the soil needs to be spongy so that it can dry the water well.

Step three – Put the ginger root in the ground, with the bud pointing up, and then fill the pot with one or two more inches of soil.

Step four – you need to moisten the soil, but not too much. Then take the pot and place it in a warm place, but remember that the place should not be too hot.

Step five – maintain the moisture of the soil

Step six – the best thing to do is to keep the ginger during the first stage of development, in an area where it can receive little light, and at a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.

Remember that ginger is a slow-growing plant that needs moderate doses of moisture and heat.

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