5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit

Nowadays is very hard to avoid a sitting lifestyle because severe job positions require long hours of sitting and we also spend a lot of time sitting at home in front of Tv or laptop. That’s why we think that performing the following easy chair exercises will help you get in shape while you are sitting!

According to the statistic, the average American has approximately 4 hours of free time a day and mostly spends those free hours watching TV, surfing the net, chatting on Facebook or other social media or doing similar actions that also involve sitting all the time.

Additionally, statistics show that the average American mother has about 35 minutes of free time a day, which means that mothers don’t have time to go to the gym or do any sports.

Yet, your explanation that you don’t have time to work out is not an excuse, because everyone can do some work out at home or at least everyone can try the following five great chair exercises!

The following video presents five excellent and very simple and easy chair exercises, by the popular fitness trainer Denise Austin. The following exercises can be implemented in the daily schedule of any working mother or workaholic.

However, besides the regular exercises, you should always eat a balanced healthy diet.

Perform these exercises for at least half an hour a day and you’ll see the result very soon. You will get the body you have always dreamed about!

Watch the following video:

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