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5 Easy And Effective Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid Of Double Chin!

Double chin is a common aesthetic problem. Some people are genetically predisposed to develop double chins as they age. But, that doesn’t mean that there is no solution.

There are exercises which will make your face look amazing. They will tighten up and tone that chin area. Before you start, you should take a few minutes to heat up. Move your chin backward and forward. Done? Then, let’s start.

1. The Ladle

Start with opening your mouth wide. Then, bend your lower lip inward, and close your mouth by pulling your jaw forward. Make sure you do slow moves so that all the chin muscles are engaged this activity. Let the muscles to relax before starting the next exercise. Carefully open and close your mouth to relax the jaw.

2. ‘’Kiss’’ Ceiling

As the name itself says, raise your head and extend your lips to make a kissing motion. This is the easiest technique, which activates the neck muscles and makes them tightened and toned.

3. Touch the Nose

This position extends your chin muscles. In order to perform it, stick out your tongue and try to touch your nose. To see that this exercise really works, put your finger under your skin and you will feel how the muscles extend and flatten.

4. Resistance

Make two fists and position them straight under your skin. Now, press your chin down on your fists. Hold for five seconds. This technique reduces the appearance of a double chin.

5. The Perfect Oval

If you want to have a perfect oval face shape, try this exercise. Start by turning your head to one side and then thrust your jaw forward. You will feel how the jaw and neck muscles are being extended. Now, hold for a few minutes. After that, turn your head to the other side and repeat the procedure.

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