5 foods you can eat overnight and stay slim

Sometimes it is so difficult to resist having a snack after 6 pm. You have been working the whole day, barely had any lunch and now you have to stay hungry till morning. Is it fair? Not really, right?

Well, to tell you the truth what matters most is what you eat not when you eat it. Of course if you decide to treat yourself with a pizza after 6 pm – your weight will significantly increase and we are not sure how cool you are going to be with that but there is number of products you can eat in the evening which are not only non-harmful but pretty good for you. So what are they you may wonder? Let’s have a look!

#1 Dark chocolate

There is no need to refrain from such a tasty treat. Unlike all the unhealthy chocolate bars there are a lot of benefits to dark chocolate. It not only speeds up your weight loss process but also keeps your cholesterol at bay.

#2 Soup

A bowl of soup is never a bad idea. What is more, warm soup is something you need to keep you filled and calm so that you are sure to sleep well.

#3 Almonds

If you feel the insatiable urge to go and eat something but you know that you are not, grab some almonds and chew on them instead. There is nothing better to make you feel full without the risk of getting fat.

#4 Pumpkin seeds

Your body is craving an evening snack? Well, treat yourself to a handful of pumpkin seeds. There is no harm that comes with such a healthy snack.

#5 Rice

You may not have expected to see rice on this list but here it is. What is more it is said that the consumption of rice after 6 pm helps your body get 46% better sleep. Worth trying out, right?

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