5 undeniable health benefits of salt water mouth rinse

Most of us have dealt with salt water mouth rinse at least once. Mothers always asked us to do this to relieve a sore throat. Does it actually work? Even if there is no apparent relief, like rinsing with salt water for a sore throat, those who have tried it can agree that yes, it works.

What is a rinse with sea water? Rinsing with salt water is a natural remedy for the treatment of sore throat, and it is based on the chemical process of osmosis. Salt water is more concentrated (less water) than the inflammatory fluid caused by bacteria.

Salt water draws excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, relieving pain. The effectiveness of such procedures is very high, therefore they are widely used not only in folk medicine, but also in traditional medicine.

#1. Cleans throat. Rinsing with salt water not only neutralizes the acid, but also clears the throat. Salt water is also used as a liquid that removes bacteria in the mouth and cleanses.

#2. Maintains a pH balance. The natural balance of pH in the mouth is disturbed by bacteria. However, rinsing with salt water helps maintain this natural pH.

#3. Removes nasal congestion. Studies have shown that saline solutions help people suffering from sinusitis. You can rinse up to four times a day.

#4. Promotes healthy gums. Studies have shown that saline solutions contribute to healthy gums: eliminate food leftovers and microbes present in the mouth after eating. Salt water reduces pain in the muscles. Red, swollen or inflamed gums should be thoroughly rinsed with warm salt water (1/2 – 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water).

#5. Accelerates blood circulation. Using the warmest water for rinsing with salt water accelerates the healing process of heavy throats best of all. Heat increases the flow of blood to the affected areas. When preparing the mixture, always try not to concentrate the solution very much, as it can dehydrate the mucous membrane in the mouth.

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