6 simple tips on how to flirt

Whether you’ve been out of practice for a while or simply never had the opportunity to try, flirting can feel intimidating. How can you remember so many small details that are supposed to make men attracted to you? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

Keep these 6 tips in mind when you find yourself in the mood for flirting:

#1 Touching

Pay attention to the natural cues that happen while you’re interacting with a man. Chances are there will be ebbs and flows and you’ll notice opportunities to move closer to him. Those are the moments to gently touch the guy you’re into. Maybe a soft touch on the arm or squeeze of the hand will be appropriate. Remain mindful and keep the touching delicate. It will leave him wanting more later!

#2 Eye Contact

We all speak with our eyes which is why keeping eye contact with the guy you’re flirting with is so important. Careful, though, you don’t want to be more intense than the moment you’re sharing. Looking away time and again is safe, also. Then, you’ll be able to control the dynamic you use when you look back into his eyes. Understanding the nuances of communication will help you send the right message with your eyes.

#3 Compliments

Don’t let him be the only one to notice your outfit! Men want to be appreciated and complimented just as much as women. Make a point to find a few things throughout your time together to compliment him on. Be sure that your compliments don’t sound forced. The best way to do this is to focus on things that you truly admire about the guy you’re flirting with.

#4 Happy Presentation

Flirting should be fun! Don’t forget to smile and laugh when it’s appropriate. While you may feel anxious about trying to flirt with a guy you like, nothing will ruin the mood more than a rigid energy. Remember, you are both there to have a good time. If you notice the guy is tense, you can help him loosen up with a sweet smile or warm laugh. Keep it genuine no matter what!

#5 Say His Name

The power of a name is surprising! It’s a fact and technique that is used in many situations, and flirting is the perfect time for it. When a guy hears you say his name, a chill will run through him and he’ll feel special and noticed without even understanding why. Using his name is the quickest trick to a deeper connection.

#6 Be You

Nothing will be attractive if it’s fake! Make sure that above all else that you try to focus on, you remain true to who you are. Don’t try to impress him with words or actions that aren’t natural, they’ll be obvious to him. If you approach flirting with an honest vulnerability, you’ll be surprised of the results you get!

No need to be scared to try these 6 tips. Take a deep breath, ground yourself, and start practicing!

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