6 symptoms of a struggling liver

The human body is arranged in such a way that all organs can be divided into vital and auxiliary ones. The liver uniquely refers to the first group. Its importance for maintaining the viability of the body cannot be overemphasized. In addition, it is a powerful parenchymal organ, which combines the functions of the digestive gland and a kind of biochemical laboratory.

And it is here that all the central biochemical reactions and the processes responsible for the maintenance of life take place. In fact, the more complex the structure of the organ and the higher the load on it, the more vulnerable it is. And despite the excellent regenerative and regenerative capacity of the liver, the number of its diseases, turning into hepatic insufficiency, continues to grow steadily. Scroll down to see a list of 6 symptoms of struggling liver.

#1. Pain in the liver

The surest sign that you are having problems is the pain in the liver. Because of the large size of the liver, the pain can vary from a dull ache to excruciating. Your liver is found in the upper right portion of your abdomen, under your stomach and beneath your diaphragm. Therefore, when you experience pain, this may indicate that your liver is struggling.

#2. Swollen ankles and legs

If you have problems with your liver, it is unable to filter effectively. In this regard, there is portal hypertension, which causes blood pressure in the portal veins to increase. As a result, your legs and ankles will begin to store excess fluid.

#3. Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a sign that your liver is struggling. The fact is, when liver cannot filter all the toxins, it will get rid of them by storing them in fat cells.

#4. Allergies

If your liver is overloaded with toxins, it will let them enter the bloodstream where they shouldn’t be. Because of this, your body will begin to fight, trying to get rid of these terrible toxins, leading to allergic reactions.

#5. Yellow skin and eyes

Yellow skin is the main sign that the liver is unhealthy. This yellowish pallor is known as jaundice and appears when the liver is no longer able to filter out bilirubin from dead red blood cells.

#6. Chronic Fatigue

If your liver is struggling, you will begin to experience flu-like symptoms or extreme tiredness for months at a time. During work, your liver turns glucose into glycogen, which your body can use for energy. If your liver is overworked and unable to make glycogen, then you will have a shortage of energy.

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