7 foods women over 50 should add to their diet asap

50 years is the age when much has already been achieved, children have grown up, there is a career and a good family, experience and wisdom. What about health? Could we maintain it? How to strengthen the body after 50 to feel good for a long time?

It is necessary to take care of healthy eating, because we get all the useful substances from food. With age, both in the body of a woman and in the body of a man metabolic processes and energy consumption are reduced, so it is necessary to carefully monitor your diet and reduce the total calorie content of food.

Women have menopause at this age, resulting in decreased production of estrogen, and this can lead to weight gain and osteoporosis. In this regard, a woman’s diet after 50 years should be balanced, low in calorie, but at the same time there should be all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals (especially calcium). You should include these 7 foods to your diet:

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#1. Beans

Beans belong to dietary and medicinal foods due to the mass of nutrients that make up its composition. It is the prevention and treatment of many different diseases and ailments.

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#2. Oats

It is not by chance the favorite breakfast of the English queen, because it has a rejuvenating effect.

#3. Apples

They are rich in fiber and can normalize the work of the digestive system and the metabolism.

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#4. Nuts

They are a source of calcium and polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. These substances protect the female body from stroke, heart attack and cancer.

#5. Leafy greens

Parsley, coriander, dill and many other components of salads help the body get vitamins and skin – look fresh and young.

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#6. Berries

They contain a lot of vitamin C, responsible for the production of collagen, necessary for the skin, blood vessels and joints.

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#7. Yogurt

Choose yogurts with a lower proportion of fat. These useful products increase the level of calcium and help strengthen bones, and prevent osteoporosis.


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