7 hairstyles that repel guys

Every woman wants to look gorgeous. We all want to have beautiful and healthy body, and feel confident and comfortable among other people. Moreover, we want to attract attention of the opposite gender.

However, sometimes, women do not think that some things can repel men. As a result, they can’t build happy relationships and suffer from poor self-esteem and some other serious problems.

Today, we have decided to help you a little and prepared some interesting information. Below you will find a list of 7 hairstyles that repel men. In this way you will find out what you should not do with your hair and see what details stop women from being happy in relationships. Let’s check what they are.

#1 Extremely short haircut

As a rule, men don’t like when women have such haircuts. They don’t understand why girls are trying to look like men. They think that such a hairstyle looks off-putting. Men like more elegant and feminine haircuts.

#2 A bun on the top of your head

Yes, it is comfortable and fashionable. However, most of men don’t like this hairstyle. They say that it looks ridiculous and unattractive. Many men think that the girl just hasn’t washed her hair and tries to hide it with this hairstyle. Moreover, they consider this hairstyle to be sloopy.

#3 Dreads

Men think that this hairstyle looks a bit off-putting. They think that such women just want to attract attention. Many men think that dreads look sloopy and dirty and don’t understand people who find them attractive.

#4 A bird’s nest

Men think that bird’s nest on a girl’s head looks cute when she has just waked up. However, it’s not the best idea to go somewhere with such hairstyle. They think that such women look strange.

#5 Small curls

Most of men think that such a hairstyle looks attractive when the appearance of the woman is also exotic. However, when women try to get such a hairstyle artificially, it looks unattractive.

#6 Straight lines

Men don’t like haircuts with straight lines. They think that they look like a wig. There should be a balance between naturalness and neatness. Men don’t like when the hairstyle looks too perfect.

#7 Too complicated

Men don’t like when the hairstyle is too complicated. They think that hairstyles with a great layer of hair spray and various hairpins and bows look ridiculous. They think that such women look vulgar and tasteless.

So, as you can see, there are some hairstyles that stop us from looking perfect. Although the stylists claim that natural and simple style is the best, many men don’t agree with this opinion.


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