7 signs that a man does not plan to turn his relationship into a marriage

You do not need to get married to be a high-grade person. Any modern woman has many opportunities not to get married and still to be happy. Another question – if you want to officially formalize your relationship with the man whom you are in love with, but whether he wants the same is a big question.

The easiest way to find out if he wants to be your husband is to ask directly. Honestly, the method is very simple and more reliable than all other methods. However, if you are afraid to hear the answer, here are seven signs by which you can understand without words that your matrimonial plans he does not share.

In order not to have empty hopes, pay attention to a few simple signs: if they are present in your relationship with a man – most likely, you do not have to wait for his proposal and you need to move on. Here are seven most common signs:

#1. He never builds long-term plans. If you can not make any plans with him, this is a bad sign.

#2. He does not talk about your future. If you noticed that he uses more and more me, rather than we in all conversations about his future, ask him why.

#3. His friends almost do not know about you. If he does not show you to his friends, he does not have serious intentions towards you.

#4. When it comes to a wedding, he changes the subject. A man who wants to get married will not be silent about it.

#5. He always asks “why?” If you do not share his views, maybe it is time to think about your future with another person.

#6. He does not believe in marriage. This shows that he does not want to get married.

#7. He does not consult you about the future. Probably, this is one of the most alarming signals. He makes plans without warning you about them.

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