7 things men do not need to know about women

Women and men perceive the world in completely different ways. So, you should understand this, building a relationship with the opposite sex. To have perfect relationship, remember what you can and can not show and say to your partner.

For example, you should not brush your teeth in the morning near a man, it is better to do it so that he does not see. If you agree to a kiss or having sex only after a demonstrative brushing of teeth and washing, this will not add charm to you.

Also, you should not make up near a man. He does not need to know how much time it takes to be beautiful. Let him think that you are doing just a few strokes with a brush to completely transform.

Now, we offer you to look at seven more things your man does not need to know about you:

#1. The real price of your bag, shoes or clothes. He can guess that they are expensive, but he does not need to know all the details. This will save his nerves.

#2. How many cocktails you drank the previous night. This is just between you and your friends.

#3. Beauty procedures. You should not let him know how many affords you make to be attractive. You should be perfect for your man.

#4. What your relatives think about him. If you want to have deep and great relationship, you need to keep some secrets. Your friends or relatives’ opinion is one of them.

#5. What you think about his mother. This is taboo. You should always show only good attitude.

#6. That you want to lose weight. Your man should think that you are ideal. If you want to discuss this topic, speak to your friends.

#7. How much money you save. All people are saving money. Let it be a pleasant surprise at the moment when you need it for something.

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