7 tips to stop attracting the wrong guys

There are many women who like a magnet attract toxic men. It seems to them that only emotionally cold men, traitors, daffodils, alcoholics and psychopaths surround them and are present in their lives. Furthermore, it happens very often that these women try to change such toxic men for the better.

Strange dedication clearly indicates that such a woman simply is not capable of loving herself. She does not respect herself, she always puts herself in the second or the third place, and never at the first place. Every time when nothing comes out, such women blame only themselves.

They begin to look for their own shortcomings and try to understand where they have stumbled. Perhaps it is time to change the situation and to find a good guy that will love you and make you happy. Let’s look at seven lessons which women who managed to change their life revealed:

#1. Your luck will not change if you do nothing. The first step is to recognize that it is better to be alone, instead of being with the wrong person.

#2. Start loving yourself. If you so not love yourself, no men can love you. Good men feel when woman is self-confident and pay attention to her.

#3. Do not think that acting the same as your partner can help you. You should be a person to be proud of, do not go down to his level.

#4. Do not pretend that everything is good. Men are not the same, there is definitely one for you.

#5. Value yourself. Remember what you are worth of.

#6. Do not give up. Having a lot of bad relationships can make you think that nothing good can happen in your life. However, this is not so.

#7. A good relationship is the one where a man makes you happy, he makes you want to grow and to become better. If you do not feel this, do not continue your relationship.


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