7 ways to get rid of the embarrassment of stinky feet

Smelly feet can become a problem that causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. Legs are an organ that experiences considerable stress during the day. Being in motion, not only internal organs are activated, but all systems of the body.

So, a system of sweating, which has a huge number of glands, comes into play. The smell in many respects depends on the sex and it happens as a sharp repulsive, and elusive, but attractive. In a healthy body, the smell of fresh sweat is practically not palpable.

Bacteria that live on the body are actively multiplying, which is the cause of the appearance of the corresponding unfavorable odors. To date, many different ways of solving the problems caused by the unpleasant odor of the feet have been invented. Let’s look at seven most popular, proven and effective of them:

#1. Start wearing socks. This will prevent the sweat get into your shoes. You should choose cotton socks, and change them every day. They can make your skin breath and you will forget about any odors.

#2. Baking soda. It can normalize pH balance of the skin and remove feet odor. Mix it with warm water and put your feet there for about twenty minutes.

#3. Epsom salt. It has great cleansing and exfoliating properties. Take a bath using this salt from time to time.

#4. Black tea. It is rich in antioxidants. Make black tea and put your feet there for about twenty minutes.

#5. Apple cider vinegar. It can get rid of all bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smell. Just soak your feet in the mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water.

#6. Change your shoes. It is not good to wear the same shoes every day. Try to wear different types of shoes.

#7. Hygiene. This is the most important point. You should not forget about regular hygiene. This concerns not only your face or private zones, but also your feet.

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