7 ways to reduce acidity in the body

Everything in the earth and your body depends on proper acid-base balance.

Specialists use pH to measure acidity and alkalinity of certain cells and organisms.

Actually your body doesn’t have one stable pH level. It varies, considerably from the area of your organism. Thus, your stomach has the highest acidity to digest foods and prevent infection, while pancreatic fluid is alkaline, as it should neutralize stomach acid and avoid its harmful influence on the intestine.

Your blood is mildly alkaline, having pH nearly 7.35-7.45. Changes in blood pH may lead to serious and even fatal consequences.

Despite a popular myth about a great influence of the diet on the blood pH levels, studies show that food preferences cause very slight shift in blood chemistry.

However food, you eat,can still significantly impact on the urinary pH.

It was found that low-carb, protein-full diet can make your urine more acidic that elevates risks of kidney stones.

In addition to this, too much acid in the renal system may reduce bone density, weaken muscles and cause back pain.

There is some evidence that increased acidity has a link with liver dysfunction, heart disease and even cancer.

So, it’s may be interesting for you, how to normalize acid-base balance in your body and stay healthy. Here are the most effective ways:

#1. Avoid processed foods – all these pizzas, French fries, cookies and crackers are full of “empty” calories, sodium and fiber-free carbs, which can boost acidity, leading to acne, dental problems, obesity and depression.

#2. Add more fruits and vegetables – almost all diets recommend taking more fresh veggies and fruits. This may enhance electrolyte balance, bone health and alleviate chronic conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular disease.

#3. Drink water – choose alkaline water with pH between 9 to 11. Distilled water is a perfect option.

#4. Cut down sodium consumption – K/Na ratio was found to play a role in your body’s acid-base balance. So, reducing salt intake may help you stay healthy for many years.

#5. Limit animal protein – some researches show that too much of animal protein, found in meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products, may change pH and aggravate chronic diseases. However more study is needed to shed light on this finding.

#6. Go easy on high-acid beverages – it’s mainly about sodas, beer and packaged cocoa-mix drinks, which can make your urine more acidic and trigger formation of kidney stones.

#7. Prefer neutral or alkalizing foods – if you worry about excessive acid in your body, add more soy, unsweetened yogurt, beans, avocados, nuts and olives to your diet.

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