8 eating habits, which make Japan the slimmest nation in the world

It is said that Japanese people are the nation that lives the longest while they are also in the first place when it comes to slim people. The chances of obesity are almost non-existent in Japan. Why is that? It all comes from their attitude towards the food. They have even the special system of food consumption which was founded in 2000.

We have taken all of these things into consideration and decided to figure out what the tricks that Japanese people have are. To tell you the truth we have come up with a list of as many as eight eating habits that allow Japanese remain slim no matter what. We will have a closer look at them now, so you better note all these things!

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#1. First of all, you need to make sure that your carb consumption is higher than your fat consumption and you should better cross out the salt of your menu.

#2. The portion size depends on the age of the eater.

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#3. It is not all about what we eat but about how we do that. You should enjoy the food instead of simply satisfying the hunger.

#4. You have to pay great attention to the local food. For Japan the best seasonal foods are fish and rice, you can follow up the same rule, or you can easily come up with something on your own.

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#5. Your menu should be well-balance, and every time you are about to eat you need to make sure that your meal is properly balanced.

#6. You should in no case rush while you eat. You have to chew properly.

#7. You need to track your calories, both the amount of spent and consumed calories matters.

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#8. Your food should better be fresh all the time instead of being a heated up leftover.

As you can see, the rules are pretty simple, and the cost for the great body is not that high.

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