8 hygiene-related mistakes people make every day

Every woman carefully watches her hygiene routine every day. We take a bath or a shower, use various cosmetic products to improve the skin of the face and body, and also we follow some procedures to keep our nails healthy and beautiful.

However, there are unobvious mistakes of personal hygiene that are easy to fulfill. Even knowing the basis rules of hygiene does not save us from these mistakes. Some of your daily hygiene procedures can harm your body. Are you surprised?

Well, it’s time to tell you about the hygiene mistakes you make. We have prepared a list of 8 hygiene-related mistakes people make every day. Get to know them and take note!

#1. You touch your face with your hands

Every time you just touch the face, you put dirt on it and stretch the skin. Any touch causes the formation of sebum. Because of this, the skin becomes denser and is covered with unpleasant rashes. Try to control yourself during the day and touch your face less.

#2. You do not wash your face before workouts

Dermatologists recommend wash the face before starting exercise. When you sweat, you wipe the sweat from your face and at the same time rub all the accumulated dirt into the skin, which leads to the appearance of acne. Wash your face before exercising, and on your face will be only water and salt, which are absolutely harmless to the skin.

#3. Returning home from the cold, you are taking a hot shower

In winter, after a walk, you want to get warm with a hot shower, but it is harmful to the skin. Hot water opens the pores and flushes nutrients and protective substances that are already lacking in the cold and dry season. In order to avoid the appearance of peeling and itching, doctors advise taking a warm shower.

#4. You misuse body lotion

Moisturizing cream or lotion will be more effective immediately after the shower. Do not wait until the skin dries. Pat your skin with a towel and immediately apply moisturizing cream or lotion, so you can “plug” the moisture inside.

#5. You do not go to the shower after your workout

Many of us prefer to go home and take a shower there. However, dermatologists recommend immediately to take off your sports clothes and take a shower, so that the skin does not have bacteria. Wash with shower gel, paying special attention to places of increased sweating.

#6. You take only a morning shower

Morning shower is a good ritual that helps to wake up, but it is better not to refuse from evening water procedures. Evening shower helps to fall asleep and keep the bed linen clean.

#7. You do not wash makeup brushes

Proper cleaning of brushes takes only a few minutes, but it guarantees the purity and health of your skin. There are a lot of bacteria on your brushes that you put on your face along with makeup. So, ladies, do not forget to wash your makeup brushes.

#8. You use natural beauty products

Nowadays, natural beauty products are very popular, but they require more accurate handling and storage. Buy small bottles and do not let them overheat: these products have a short shelf life, and the heat and humidity in the bathroom can make it even shorter. Read the labels carefully and keep the bottles in a cool place.

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