9 leg & foot problems that can indicate serious illnesses

A hard working day, an unhealthy diet or weather changes – all this can lead to changes in the legs. However, there are situations where problems with the limbs speak of serious diseases. It turns out that the pain in the legs is not just about fatigue or the ailments the legs.

Foot problems can also indicate serious problems with other parts of the body. Many people do perceive their legs seriously, and pay attention to them only at the last moment. However, such an extreme is fraught with not pleasant consequences.

The fact is that the arising ailments or diseases very often manifest themselves through the skin, including the feet. Therefore, the state of the skin and your legs can largely tell about the health of the body. So, look at your feet:

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#1. Kidney problems. If the kidneys are working poorly, excess fluid from the body is removed with difficulty. Therefore, edema appears.

#2. Venous problems. With venous insufficiency, blood moves with difficulty from the extremities to the heart.

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#3. Heart failure. In this case, one or two heart cells lose the ability to effectively pump the blood, which causes it to accumulate in the lower limbs. Legs swell, and there is significant heaviness.

#4. Thrombosis. Swelling of one or both legs can show deep vein thrombosis.

#5. Liver problems. At an early stage, problems with the liver can be suspected by the condition of the legs. If the organ does not work properly, the limbs will begin to swell and be covered with small asterisks of blood vessels.

#6. Diseases of the thyroid gland. You can also determine the abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland by the legs. The symptoms of hypothyroidism listed above are especially visible.

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#7. Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis, an insufficient amount of blood arrives at the feet, that makes them become pale and sick.

#8. Diabetes. With diabetes, even the smallest leg injuries threaten with serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to immediately cure everything.

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#9. Pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy is not a disease, but it can also be suspected at an early stage to change the condition of the legs. They begin to swell (arms, by the way, too), there is a feeling of fatigue of the limbs, sometimes there are convulsions.

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