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How to Balance Your Armpit Bacteria to NEVER Smell Again (NO deodorant required)

Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating usually starts in adolescence or young adulthood. Hyperhidrosis causes teens to have sweaty palms and feet, but underarm sweating is the worst. Their gym glasses and hot weather also contribute to this condition. That is the reason why more than 90% of teenagers and adults in the United States use regularly deodorant or antiperspirant to neutralize the unpleasant smell.

But you should know that sweat doesn’t smell by itself. We think that we smell because we sweat a lot, but actually it’s the bacteria in the armpit releases that odor.
Over the past few years, many ways of preventing body odor have been presented. The cosmetic industry have especially paid attention to solving this problem with inventing different types of deodorants.

But, few medical experts came up with the discovery that using antiperspirants or deodorants at great extent, actually has some side-effects. This research is still on-going, but it had impact on people on thinking twice before using deodorant next time.

The armpit should be regarded as an ecosystem. Therefore, as any ecosystem needs balance to remain healthy, in the same way you should try to protect the armpit. For that purpose, avoid the products which can damage this sensitive area of your body, and you will manage to minimize the smelly bacteria and eventually eliminate them over a period.

So, as you can see, we should try to work with the microbiome in the armpits, instead of doing everything to destroy them, because according to the newest research, our whole body is linked to the microbe community. The link between our body and the ecosystem is exposed through the underarm area. So, no wonder that when we are nervous, they tend to sweat a lot, and normally that affects our mood.

Read these tricks how to take care of the armpits area and you will no longer need deodorants.

1. Use mild soaps: those soaps that contain strong surfactants such as SLS AND SDS or castille soap, eliminate the protective sebum full with good fat, which protects the skin. But with mild soaps, the good microbes will have ideal environment for developing.

2. No aluminum: Make sure that you use products for your skin that have the label ‘’aluminum free.’’ This ingredient is very harmful.

3. Don’t use crystal deodorants: They supposedly are aluminum free, but check the label carefully. If in one of the ingredients you notice ‘’alum’’, that is also part of the dangerous potassium aluminum sulfate.

4. Avoid using strong antibacterials: They are mostly parabens and triclosan and they destabilize the microbiome on the armpits and they stop the development of the good bacteria.


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