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Bayer With The Hemophilia Factor 8 Consciously Killed Thousands of Children!

When we talk about health, people mostly trust in products of pharmaceutical companies. But what if a pharmaceutical company you trust has done something intolerable and disgusting? Bayer has already done that with its hemophilia Factor 8.

Bayer who claims to protect your children health has produced a medicine that has the potential to cause HIV.

What is Hemophilia Factor 8?

One of the most popular Bayer’s products is aspirin. But along with Aspirin, Bayer produces many other products. It produces everything from pesticides to medicines for hemophilia. Yes, a medicine for hemophilia known as hemophilia factor 8.

Bayer With Its Medication Hemophilia Factor 8 Knowingly Killed Thousands of Children!

Back in 1984, Bayer was involved in a scandal, in where many HIV-infected groups of medicines were traced back to it. Bayer became aware of this as there was an epidemic of HIV among children who had hemophilia.

Bayer was not capable of selling the Factor 8 in the USA, but the FDA allowed the company to sell this HIV-infected medicine to Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, and Indonesia.

What Are The Effects of This Factor 8?

The New York Times published documents that showed how the division of Bayer, Cutter Biological distributed more than 100,000 packs of this medication, which worth more than $4 million.

That’s not all. The effects of these medicines are terrible. This medication infected and killed thousands of people, including children.

Thousands of innocent children and adults were victims of this, and no one took the responsibility for it.

When asked Bayer about this situation, they responded that the decisions were made nearly 20 years ago and that they were based on proved scientific information and were reliable with the regulations.

Bayer killed thousands of children and the FDA gave its approval.

The New York Times informs that the Dr. Harry M. Meyer Jr., FDA’s regulator of blood products, asked for quiet solving this problem without informing the medical community, the public, and the Congress.

In regards to this, there were no charges against Bayer. And yes, Bayer continue to sell its Factor 8 medication.

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